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Working Traffic Inc. specializes in optimizing websites so that they attract more search engine traffic.

Delivering Highly Qualified Traffic

Per lead: $3.00

Working Traffic is willing to charge on a performance only basis, we generate traffic for you and you pay us a commission.

This is how it works: each month we provide you with an independently verifiable analytics report (from Google) that will list the actual search traffic that arives at your site via each keyphrase. Using these analytics reports you can see every keyphrase we discovered for you during our keyword research AND the corresponding amount of actual traffic that visits your site for each of those keyphrases. We then charge you $3.00 for each visitor

...then we make the deal even sweeter than that, by only charging you for the percentage of visitors who do not "bounce". A bounce is when a visitor leaves your website without looking at more than one page.

Here is an example of how this would work for you: Google provides us with an analytics report that lists every keyphrase along with the bounce rate for each phrase, so now we not only know what keyphrase brought each customer to your website, we know what percentage of those visitors (for each phrase) left immediately (bounced). We can reasonably assume these "bouncers" were never likely to convert into real sales... so we do not charge for them.

What a deal you pay only $3.00 to have guaranteed interested customers looking through your website! These customers have gone to the trouble of:

  1. Searching for your products and services.
  2. They have looked through all the search engine results they received
  3. They have clicked on the link to your website from amongst all the others
  4. Your website has what they want becuase they are not walking back out the door, they are actively looking through multiple pages of your website.

In other words we are delivering highly qualified traffic to your business.

We believe you will not be able to find better value for a full optimization service, especially when you consider we have an on-going incentive to make sure your site continues to do well every year.

We can make this offer because we know we can dramatically increase your online sales and that this will be a long term profitable relationship for both our businesses.

Please consider us your online sales team who are paid by the lead, you just sit back and leave everything to us and we will work as hard as we can to make your online business as profitable as possible!

Contact us ff you want your website to work harder for you and generate more sales

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